Exclusive deals, networking and support

SMEs Connect is a new and exciting program developed with one sole aim - that is, to support the growth of Home-Based Businesses, Start Ups and SMEs.

Over the past few decades Qatar’s economy has grown exponentially, and today, Qatar is a hub for a diverse range of businesses. This is precisely why this platform provides you and your business with such an excellent opportunity – never before has it been so easy for SMEs in the country to choose from such a large number of exclusive online deals, across such a wide range of business-related services and products!


The program focuses on two main offerings

Financial savings

Member businesses can access more than 50 exclusive deals on business-related products and services. Whether your business needs a new website designed, legal services or office equipment, SMEs Connect enables members to save money on services and purchases.

By making financial savings on a wide range of business items, SMEs Connect allows members to reduce business expenditure and attain sustainable business growth.

Networking and support

SMEs Connect enables members to connect with each other on a user-friendly website and an advanced mobile app for easy access and connectivity with other members to access networking opportunities and exchange knowledge.

Additionally, the program will eventually offer members the opportunity to write articles about their area of expertise, allowing mutual learning through the exchange of knowledge of their industry.